Heading into 2023 Modbury Jets Soccer Club will be in it’s sixth year of Senior Women, Junior Girls and MiniRoos Girls.  We have built slowly and maintained a sustainable and consistent growth in female football.
In 2023 we will continue in the Women’s State League.  Modbury Jets Soccer Club offers players our elite State League, Community League Division 2.

Junior Girls teams, coached by Football South Australia certified coaches, with a big emphasis on development and growth for the young footballers.  Here in these impressionable ages is where our coaches build confidence and skills in players, grassroots for players to have the most touches on the ball as possible and fall in love with football whilst playing in 4v4 or 7v7 games.  The most crucial age bracket of 9 to 13 where the focus is on skills not results, so they can enjoy their training and games whilst developing the fundamental skills. In 2022 Football South Australia will introduce a 9v9 format for under 13 girls, years prior this has always been 11v11 on a full size pitch, the change has helped to keep focus on skill development in that important age bracket.  Age groups for junior girls is under 13, 15 and 17s.

Our MiniRoos Grassroots program is the best going around.  All players are welcome to join with no experience required at all, as we understand the valuable coaching needed for the little ones.  They learn and develop skills in fun skills games, as per the FA(Football Australia) National Curriculum.  Age groups for MiniRoos girls is under 7, 9 and 11s.

Modbury Jets Soccer Club has two locations, Burragah Reserve, Modbury North for training and junior games.  Smith Partners Stadium, Ridgehaven for Senior Training and games.In 2022 Smith Partners Stadium underwent major development and upgrades to the facilities, including 4 brand new change rooms, upgraded canteen facilities, extended veranda and seating and many more additions to bring the club into the modern era that caters for all.

All of our coaching staff are Football SA qualified with years of experience.  Our coaches are the right balance of development, nurturing whilst bringing the best out of their players.

At the end of a season, our club runs trials and come and try days.  Some age groups can fill up fast and in the month of October, even though the season doesn’t start till the following year.

For more information about our 2023 season, or on how to register your interest for next year please email Kerry Hudson

As we look forward to the next season, we hope that whether you are brand new, experienced young or older, you can be a part of this too.


Women/Junior Girls Coordinator
0402 096 311

Current Teams & Coaching Staff 2023
Contacts, Information & Forms
Fixtures & Results 2022
Dates To Remember
Positions Vacant
Current Teams & Coaching Staff 2023

Senior Women & Coaching Staff

  • Women’s State League – Luigi Pavia/Chris Thomas
  • Division 2  – 

Junior Girls & Coaching Staff

  • Under 17s – Chris Thomas/Enrico Polacchi
  • Under 15s – Mathew Flynn/Luigi Antonuccio
  • Under 13s – MIchael Gallina/Simon Baruch

Miniroos Girls & Coaching Staff

  • Under 11s – Michael Burton
  • Under 9s – Vito Basil
  • Under 7s – David Whitaker

Contacts, Information & Forms

Club Contact 

Senior Women/Junior Girls/MiniRoos Girls

  • Kerry Hudson
  • 0402096311
 MiniRoos (Age 5-11)

In this age groups the rules are relaxed and modified, so children can enjoy learning the game and developing skills.  The teams are smaller and so are the pitches, to allow for as many touches on the ball per game.  There are no league tables and scores are not recorded.  It’s all about fun and experience in an environment which is safe with no pressure. The season runs from April till September, with preseason beginning February/March.

The age groups for MIniRoos girls are Under 7s, 9s and 11s.

Junior Girls (Age 12-17)

Junior Girls competitions become competitive from Under 13s, the girls play on a full size soccer pitch, following official FIFA playing rules.  There are many divisions, scores are recorded and league tables are active.  Junior girls are also eligible to play in Senior Women’s competitions from the age of 14 if they wish to do so.  The season runs from April till September, with preseason beginning February/March.

The age groups for Junior girls are Under 13s, 15s and 17s

Senior Women

Senior women is open age, players from the age of 14 are eligible to play open age football, if capable of doing so.  There are different leagues for varying levels of skill, WNPL, WSL and Community League.  Season start dates vary for each league, generally running from April to September.  Preseason begins in January for senior teams.
Fixtures & Results 2022

Women’s State League – 

Womens’ Community League –

Junior Girls U17s –

Junior Girls U15s –

Junior Girls U13s –

MiniRoos Girls U11s –

MiniRoos Girls U9s –

MiniRoos Girls U7s –

Dates To Remember

10th – 12th February – Women’s State League Pre Season Cup Begins

Positions Vacant

  • We have spots  for the 2022 season
Coaching Role

Division 2 Coaching Position – Coaching Application Form

Senior Women
Junior Girls
  • Under 13 – Full 
  • Under 15 – Full 
  • Under 17 – Full
  • U7s – Limited Vacancies
  • U9s – Limited Vacancies
  • U11s – Full

Call or text enquiries to Kerry Hudson: 0402 096 311

Email enquiries to:

Modbury Jets will be hold trials for our Women’s State League and Reserves Team.
If you are intending to trial you will need to complete the online Expressions of Interest form via the link below or scanning the QR code on the banner.
http://Expressions of Interest 2024 WSL
For further information please email:
Kerry Hudson –

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