Welcome to MyFootballClub Registration

Start Here: Go to the MyFootballClub website at www.myfootballclub.com.au.

Retrieving a Password

  1. Click on Register Now
  2. You will be given 3 options:
  1. I know my FFA number and I am ready to proceed to a login screen to retrieve my password and or complete my registration (click here)
  2. I have been registered as a player/referee/coach/volunteer before but need to find my FFA number prior to completing my registration (click here).
  3. I have never self registered or logged into MyFootballClub before (click here).

If you click on to option a. this will allow you to find your FFA number, retrieve a password and enter the system.

  1. If a “New User” to MyFootballClub you will then need to select from another 2 options based on whether you have played football in Australia within the last 5 years or never previously been involved in football.
  2. Your details may have previously been entered into the MyFootballClub data base by your previous club. To find this information enter your name and DOB to find your FFA number, retrieve a password and enter the system – if you believe you have been registered into the MyFootballClub database but can not locate your FFA number, contact FFA to assist you.
  3. If your email address does not match with data in MyFootballClub, please follow the prompts to reset your email and password.
  4. If you have never played for FFSA or affiliated bodies, then you will click on the option stating that you are completely new to football.

Note: If you believe that you have been registered with FFSA or affiliated associations within the last few years and cannot find your details, do not create a new account – Contact FFA for assistance to find your FFA number.

Registering for Modbury Soccer Club

Start Here: Go to the MyFootballClub website at www.myfootballclub.com.au.

  1. Click on Register Now. Log into MyFootballClub using your FFA number and Password
  2. If you do not have a password you will be required to click on the retrieve password option.
  3. To begin registration, click on Register Now
  4. Update your Personal and Contact Details, ensuring all mandatory fields are correctly completed including a valid email address click on “Proceed with Registration”
  5. Type in our Club name which is Modbury Jets
  6. Under “Select Registration”, choose the option “Player” “Coach” or “Volunteer”
  7. Select Registration Package that applies to you: Senior Player (or Senior Player (Under 18) for all players who are aged 17 or younger in 2018).
  8. Click on Add and then click on Next.

Acknowledging Terms and Conditions

  1. Read and acknowledge all Terms and Conditions by checking all boxes and then click on Next. Please note: If using a smart phone or tablet ensure you scroll down and click on next where applicable.

Payment Options Screen

  1. This section needs to be completed by the club indicating whether online payment is available. If it is not available then the player will only be given the option to select “Manual Payment at Club” Please select this option
  2. You will receive an invoice via email which you can disregard. Please pay your membership fees directly to the club in accordance with the information provided separately.

Answer Additional Questions

  1. Answer the questions, if any, click on “Save All Answers” or click on “Next”.

Your Online Registration is now complete! What happens next?

  1. Your Registration Status is now “Pending Awaiting Payment”.  The Club Registrar will complete the final step of accepting your registration to make you Active and finalise your registration with FFSA to make you eligible to play. We will contact you directly to advise the next steps in terms of payment of your registration with the Club.
  2. You will receive email confirmation that your registration has been completed, ensure you keep this record

For more information, please contact Martin Jackson via Phone on 0401 123 897 or via e-mail martin.jackson@modburysc.com.au

Updating your Details

  • Click on “My Details” then “Edit My Details” to update your Personal and Contact Details. Finalise by clicking Save My Details
  • You may also Change your Password in this section by clicking “Change Password” and clicking “Save”


Confirming your Registration

  • The club will confirm your registration and you will receive an e-mail that your registration has been approved.
  • If you are new to Modbury Soccer Club in 2018, you may be required to produce photo ID (e.g. Drivers’ Licence, Proof of Age Card, School ID card) before your registration is approved.
Last modified: January 29, 2018

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