2023 National Premier Leagues Runners-Up

2023 Reserves Federation Cup Winners

2022 State League 1 Premiers

2022 Federation Cup Runners-Up

2021 Reserves State League 1 Champions

2019 U18s State League 1 Champions

2019 State League 1 Premiers

2019 Reserves State League 1 Premiers

2019 Reserves State League 1 Champions

2018 Under 18 State League 1 Champions

2018 Under 17 Cup Runners-Up

2016 Under 18 Cup Runners-Up

2016 Under 14 JPL Cup Runners-Up

2015 Under 15 JPL C Winners

2014 State League Playoff Champions

2014 Reserves State League Winners

2013 Reserves State League Winners

2011 Under 19 Cup Runners-Up

2010 Under 19 Premier League Winners

2010 Reserves Premier League Winners

2010 Premier League Winners

2009 Under 17 JPL League Champions

2009 Under 15 JPL League Champions

2009 Under 15 JPL Cup Champions

2008 Under 16 JPL League Runners-Up

2008 Under 14 JPL League Runners-Up

2008 Under 14 JPL Cup Champions

2007 Under 17 JPL Cup Runners-Up

2007 Under 14 JPL Cup Champions

2007 Micky Dye Cup Winner

2006 Under 16 JPL League Champions

2006 Under 16 JPL Cup Champions

2006 Under 12 JPL Cup Runners-Up

2006 Len Alagich Cup Winner

2004 Under 19 Premier League Champions

2004 Under 13A League Champions

2004 Federation Cup Runners-Up

2001 Under 23 Cup Winners

2001 Premier League Runners-Up

2000 Premier League Runners-Up

1998 Under 23 Champions

1998 Under 19 Champions

1998 Under 14 Champions

1998 State League Minor Premiers

1998 State League Champions

1994 Coca Cola Under 23 Cup Winners

1992 Ampol Cup Runners-Up

1991 Bailetti Cup Winners

1989 PGH Federation Cup Winners

1975 Second Division Champions

1973 SASF Third Division Champions

1973 Barker Cup Winner

Australian Representatives
  • John Jacob, U16 (Captain)
  • Jacob Melling, U17
Australian Schoolboys Representatives
  • Timothy Henderson
  • Oliver Zafiridis

State Representatives

  • S Amos
  • D Arezina
  • D Bauer
  • R Burdett
  • M Donnelly
  • D Gray
  • T Kent
  • D Lawson
  • C Murray
  • R Parsons
  • R Preston (holds the record of scoring 3 goals in a state game)
  • P Worthington
  • R Matosevic
  • M Yates
  • J Trimboli
  • D Dobson
Player Awards
  • Jokew Wuol, Premier League U18s Player of the Year (2020)
  • Kieran Griffiths, State League 1 Goalkeeper of the Year (2019)
  • Shaun McGreevy/Joshua Farrell, State League 1 Golden Boot (2019)
  • Shaun McGreevy, State League 1 Golden Boot (2018)
  • James Levett, State League 1 U18s Player of the Year (2018)
  • Charlie Bowman, State League Golden Boot (2014)
  • Nathan Cheetham, State League U19s Player of the Year (2012)
  • Brandon Pirone, State League U19s Player of the Year (2010)
  • David Crowl, State League Player of the Year (2010)
  • Mason Somerville, State League Player of the Year (2004)
  • Mark Yates, SASF Player of Year (2000)
  • Ross Fedele, State League Reserves Player of the Year (1998)
  • Carl Whitehead, SASF Player of Year (1995)
  • Roy Burdett, 2nd Division Player of the Year (1975)
Coaching Awards
  • Jason Trimboli, State League 1 Coach of the Year (2019)
  • Earl Pudler, Premier League Coach of the Year (2010)
Club Record Holders (1993-2019)
  • Senior Games Record Holder:  Matt Kelly (252)
  • Senior Record Goal Scorer:  Charlie Bowman (56)
U18s Player of the Year:Cameron Tomkins
U18s Players’ Player:Brayden O’Connor
U18s Coach’s Award:Lucas Gallina
Reserves Player of the Year:Zack Gomez
Reserves Players’ Player:Jokew Wuol
Reserves Coach’s Award:Taj Claridge
First Team Player of the Year:Jesse Francesca
First Team Players’ Player:Jesse Francesca
First Team Coach’s Choice:Daniel Pritchard
Golden Boot:Brayden O’Connor
Rising Star:Cooper Wegener & Luke Luongo
Club Person of the Year:Jeff McCormack & Paul Evans
U18s Player of the Year:Joel Gray
U18s Players’ Player:Nick Johns
U18s Coach’s Choice:Dan Evans & Thomas McCormack
Reserves Player of the Year:Chris Maio
Reserves Players’ Player:Chris Maio & Brandon Pirone
Reserves Coach’s Choice:Mark Sison
First Team Player of the Year:Darsem Shaksi
First Team Players’ Player:Darsem Shaksi
First Team Coach’s Choice:Nick Green
Golden Boot:Kieren Sullivan
Young Player of the Year:Darcy Clarke
Supporters’ Player of the Year:Darsem Shaksi
Club Person of the Year:Phil Taylor
U18s Best and Fairest:Christian Schina
U18s Players’ Player:Christian Schina
U18s Coach’s Choice:Nathan Blackmore & Joel Gray
Reserves Best and Fairest:Matthew Evans
Reserves Players’ Player:Kieren Griffiths
Reserves Coach’s Choice:Chris Fleming
First Team Best and Fairest:Jonathan Negus
First Team Players’ Player:Matt Kelly
First Team Coach’s Choice:Aaron Westervelt
Golden Boot:Charlie Bowman
Young Player of the Year:Josh Coyne
Rising Star Award:Darcy Clarke
Club Person of the Year:Paul Evans
U18s Best and Fairest:Liam Bebbington
U18s Players’ Player:Liam Bebbington
U18s Coach’s Choice:Matthew Evans & Ben Jackson
Reserves Best and Fairest:Tom Flounders
Reserves Players’ Player:Kieren Griffiths
Reserves Coach’s Choice:Jack Flynn
First Team Best and Fairest:Kieren McNally
First Team Players’ Player:Kieren McNally
First Team Coach’s Choice:Rhys Devlin
Golden Boot:Kyle Young
Young Player of the Year:Oliver Zafiridis
Rising Star Award:Mitchell Coull
Club Person of the Year:Rod Mallard
Award for Outstanding Contribution to Modbury Soccer Club 2009-2013:Neil Fleming
  • Robert Matosevic (GK)
  • Richard Parsons
  • Roy Burdett
  • Steven Amos
  • Peter Gardener
  • Ian Cole
  • Duane Gray
  • Ashley Hunter
  • Bryan Edwards
  • Jason Trimboli
  • Mick Dye
  • Colin Issacson
  • Duane Dobson
  • Derek Lawson
  • Roy Lawrence (Reserve GK)
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