Following the 2015 Annual General Meeting, the Modbury Soccer Club is pleased to advise the election of its Executive Committee for 2016.

President:Jeff McCormack
Vice-President:Paul Evans
Treasurer:Keith Levett
Secretary:Trish Henderson
Executive Committee:Lyle Henderson

Jackie Levett

Phil Taylor

Martin Jackson

Paul Crockett

Paula Rocca

Charles Marwe

We are also pleased to announce that at its AGM, the Modbury Soccer Club has recognised the significant contributions of Bronte Day and Matthew Selby by conferring Life Memberships. We congratulate Bronte and Matthew on this achievement and sincerely thank them for their service to the club.

In acknowledgement of their achievements as Modbury players, we are also pleased to announce that Eoin O`Neill and Doug Elrick have been recognised as Player Life Members.